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Alzheimer’s Treatment

Alzheimer’s Treatment

Whether you are a caregiver, a patient, or a loved one, learning that you or someone you love has Alzheimer’s disease can be frightening. Alzheimer’s disease is a remarkably common diagnosis and one that no one wants to receive.

Even so, someone is diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease every 66 seconds, so there is a good chance this devastating illness will touch someone you care about – -maybe even you. The disease already impacts more than five million men and women in the United States alone and millions more worldwide.

A need for Alzheimer’s Treatment is even more terrifying given the fact that, until now, the illness has been so difficult to treat. While there are many new treatments in the pipeline, more than 95% of drug trials for Alzheimer’s medications have thus far failed. Even the medications that have been approved for treating Alzheimer’s provide only temporary relief from the worst symptoms, and many of these drugs can have terrible side effects.

New Hope for people living with Alzheimer’s

While a diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease is no less frightening, today, there is hope. At REVIVE, we strive to provide the best care for our patients, including our patients with Alzheimer’s disease. Our cutting-edge medicine allows us to give a new home to those suffering from this devastating illness, and we have partnered with leaders of Muses Labs to bring new hope to Alzheimer’s patients.

The MEND™ protocol is one of the most promising in the world of Alzheimer’s treatment. It is specially designed to help patients suffering from memory loss and those suffering through the early stages of Alzheimer’s disease.

A Combination Approach

The MEND™ protocol is not simply a one-drug solution. Rather it is a protocol that starts with gathering information about the patient as an individual. This allows REVIVE to create an effective combination therapy, one that is personalized and customized to your needs or those of a loved one.

The recommendations made under the MEND™ protocol can include medications, dietary supplements, and lifestyle changes. By combining these various elements, REVIVE gives new hope to Alzheimer’s patients and those with age-related memory loss, something that can give those patients a new lease on life.

Extensive Research – Quality Treatment

The MEND™ protocol is the result of more than three decades of scientific research. That research has shown that Alzheimer’s disease does not have a single cause – that it is the product of multiple causes. These multiple issues can build up over a lifetime, culminating in the memory loss, confusion, and loss of self that categorize Alzheimer’s disease.

Through the use of the MEND™ protocol, REVIVE can pinpoint the unique causes of your cognitive decline. By using information from your individual genome, along with blood tests and complete medical history, we can isolate the underlying causes and address each of those issues.

Customized and Personalized Alzheimer’s Treatment

Every use of the MEND™ protocol is customized and personalized for the specific needs of the patient and the specific biology of their body. From recommending dosage amounts for medication to utilizing medical expertise and software algorithms, the MEND™ protocol is highly personalized so that patients can get the best treatment for their specific health challenges.

Once treatment begins, the protocol is updated every three months. The protocol is adjusted depending on changes to your biochemistry, and these changes can include alterations in medication dosage, supplements, and other parts of the treatment regimen.

If you or someone you love is suffering from memory loss, confusion, or other early signs of Alzheimer’s disease, you owe it to yourself to explore the MEND™ protocol and how it can help. Just give REVIVE a call today to see how we can assist with your treatment plans.